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After All, What Is Yoga?

Choose Yoga, Choose Life!

Yoga is perhaps one of the most abused words in the world right now. Many believe that it is just another routine or set of exercises to keep fit and even practice it as such. Some believe that it a religion or has to do primarily with Hinduism. Only a few believe in what Yoga truly is – a way of life. Although efforts are being put into promoting Yoga as something everyone can do, not enough is being done to promote it perhaps as something everyone must do. Many people talk of Yoga as a practice to bring about inner peace. In fact, Yoga is much beyond just that. This article is an attempt to introduce the common person or even a Yoga enthusiast to holistic nature of Yoga, in a concise yet comprehensive manner.

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Well, let me ask you one basic question – What according to you is being healthy? I am certain that most people would answer as “free from diseases”. However what one fails to understand is that by being free from diseases only satisfies the physical well-being of an individual. Health, according to the World Health Organization [W.H.O] – the ultimate directing and coordinating authority within the United Nations system is much more than mere physical well-being. According W.H.O, health is defined as “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Therefore the definition of health is multi-dimensional taking physical, mental as well as social well-being into consideration. Although, there are many critiques who argue that this definition defines “happiness” more than health and that both are different life experiences, I tend to agree more with the W.H.O’s definition as it gives a complete picture of “being healthy”.

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Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation)

Shine through the day like the rising sun, with the ancient yogic tradition that provides you with the vitality to do just that. Suryanamaskar though an ancient science has proved to be as relevant today as it has ever been.Some people believe Suryanamaskar to be a way to train and focus your mind, while other vouch for it as being the best fitness routine that does wonders to the overall physical wellbeing. Well over the years it has proven to be all of that and more.

Suryanamaskar is a set of twelve postures (or ten if we don’t count the resting postures) practiced repeatedly in a cyclic manner. The advantage of the practice is that it can be performed at a pace that is comfortable to oneself, while pacing up overtime but reaping the benefits of the practice right from the beginning. The benefits of practicing Suryanamaskar are multifold

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Relaxation And Meditation

Relaxation is a state of rest. As implied by the meaning it is only possible, when we have stopped all activities. In order to relax we must stop moving around, stop working, thinking, talking, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting – in short all activities must be withheld. When all these activities are brought to temporary cessation, we enter a state of rest. So the notion of relaxation by watching TV, movie, or by listening to music is a paradox! These are recreational activities and not relaxation. Let us try to analyze what “relaxation” actually means in laymen terms. When we stop all voluntary activities, then, we put our body & mind to rest. We are left to perform only activities such as breathing, heartbeat, metabolism, blood circulation, etc., which we refer to as involuntary activities and this state is termed as “sleep”. When we add awareness to this equation, it results in “relaxation”. Therefore

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